Sustainable, Organic, and Local
dee chanelle
bitesize: food rant

PodCast #1    Sustainable, Organic, and Local

Greetings fellow foodies and hopefully soon to be foodies.

 Whether it is eating it, growing it, cooking with it, experimenting, but always respecting it, FOOD has been a huge passion of my mine for a very long time. I do my best to keep up to date and informed with it as much as I can.

That’s what this podcast is, a 5 min or so snip of food related stuff.

Its informative and a little corky.

I am in no way a professional podcastian,  just a cook with a heart of an artichoke, so I do sincerely hope you like this first rustic, maybe a slip up or two, on this segment of BITE SIZE (not food bite haa)!